Get into the Inspiration Zone - your space for learning!

​This page is the portal to access new Inspirechilli e-learning courses, webinars, online tools and resources for developing inspiration in your life and work. 

There will be a mix of free content, as well as packages to purchase online for individuals and organisations. InspireChilli can also develop bespoke learning opportunities or collaborate on new learning products.

Check our the example 'free' offers above. More advanced courses are currently being run privately as part of our funded work with partners, or are under development to be offered for purchase here in the future. 

​If you want to create an online course or space for your work, just get in touch!


Explore insights into 'Inspirational Design Principles'

for Foyer and other youth services, with expert materials from Baumgart Clark Architects.


Assess the importance of 'Inspiration Capital' 

and where to grow it in your organisation by watching my speech and using the introductory diagnostic.


 'Feb 2016 Conference sessions for Foyer Foundation Australia'Including an online diagnostic for Advantaged Thinking!

The source for innovation.  check out our VISION FOR ASSET-BASED LEADERSHIP


'Inspiratious Minds' - Find out your inspiration type and check what others look like in the 'beyond profit' sector.