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So, what what we have been doing at InspireChilli ?

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  • We have been contracted for a second year to provide expert advice for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation's asset-based Youth Fund.  We have also worked to inform asset-based approaches for other funders, such as in City Bridge Trust's new strategy

  • We have worked with Devon and Cornwall Housing (now Liverty) and YMCA Crewe to support the development of asset-based approaches into future product offers.  

  • We have been licensed by the Foyer Federation to deliver their new FOR Youth Accreditation scheme in the UK over 2018-19, organising the contracting, guidance and assessment of services.  This follows our successful work to support the creation and piloting of the scheme in Australia and currently in UK.

  • We are helping Clarion Housing explore the asset-based nature of its youth engagement provision.

  • We have supported Dutch organisations Kwintes, Movisie, and Kangsfonds to explore asset-based approaches in their work on '100% Talent'. 

  • We are continuing to offer support to the Foyer Foundation, Brotherhood of St Laurence and Uniting Care, in their various work to develop more asset-based Foyers and other services for young people in Australia - including the writing of new programme resources and tools.

  • We have run and facilitated various training events, including the Salvation Army Housing Association's 2017 staff conference, Swan Care and Support staff away day, and Paul Hamlyn Foundation Youth Fund convening days.  Events allow us to share asset-based wisdom and insights from our unique InspireSide product. 

  • We are delighted to offer support on the advisory panel for Sounddelivery