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NEW for 2021 - The official Advantaged Thinking T-shirt! 

As worn by Colin Falconer and approved by Foyer Federation for the 10th Year anniversary of Advantaged Thinking.

Designed by brilliant Hackney young artist Ranae Kaira, a leading member of InspireChilli's Team Young People.

TO ORDER: Choose your Tshirt colours in Navy, Grey or White in standard sizes Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large.  Confirm numbers, invoice and postage address details and we will email you an invoice for your payment.


COSTS: including postage per t-shirt are UK £25; EU €28.50; Australia $40; rest of the world on request. All UK orders include a 20% donation for a Foyer Federation talent bond to invest in a young person from a Foyer service.


We offer accessible products that go beyond the norm of consultancy and training. ​​Our work takes the asset-based Advantaged Thinking of founder Colin Falconer and adds an inspiration-first approach that helps embed sustainable behaviours and systems.​ Our portfolio blends online resources with expert face-to-face support.  Whether you are a commissioner, funder, developer, delivery organisation or practitioner  - we can help add value to what you do.


ASSETSPOTS - Training, tools and templates to explore asset-based approaches with staff and beneficiaries of different organisations. ASSETSPOTS was developed for Paul Hamlyn Foundation and has been used in UK and Australia for young people and adult services. Includes online and printed materials that can be bespoked to organisational needs. Contact for details.

INSPIRESIDE FUND- Time and resources to invest in organisations and individual young people who are seeking to develop assets and inspiration in life and work. InspireChilli invests in the Inspireside fund to show how inspiration can work for good. Contact for details.