​​Mission: Inspiring good for and with young people

Vision: A world in which every young person knows inspiration

Values: Acting with inspiration from the heart of the Samurai code to promote Justice; Courage; Compassion; Respect; Integrity; Honour; Loyalty; and Self-control.

We're the only organisation in the world to embed the Samurai Bashido Code as a set of inspiration values to achieve good with others.

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Colin Falconer

Mission, Vision & Values:

Introduction from the founder...


The source for asset-based innovation.   


'​My passion for innovation comes from four places:

First, education and training.  I created learning programmes and advice and guidance systems during my 7 years as a classroom teacher, programme manager for distance learning degrees, and development manager for community online learning hubs.​

Second, youth charity. I created quality assurance systems, health, learning, employability and workforce development programmes, worked with organisations to develop new practice models and services, wrote, funded and spoke about approaches to charity, housing and young people over 15 years at Foyer Federation.

Third, asset-based thinking. I've researched and developed asset-based approaches since 2005, including the introduction of Advantaged Thinking, various programme innovations and quality assurance frameworks, and my new Assetspots model.

​​Fourth, the university of life. I was the remedial child with a stammer who grew up to get a Masters degree and travel the world talking about ideas. I've never stopped learning from amazing people of every age and culture.​

These are the four dimensions I've used to identify the 'creative chillies' that generate hot ideas for social change – the skills and processes that fire up inspiration into action. I’ve bottled these ingredients into InspireChilli  so other people can learn how to use them tooWhen you hire or buy InspireChilli, it’s not just the experience you’re getting - it’s all the ingredients.​​

I believe that Innovation makes people work better when innovation works better for people.  InspireChilli gives you the source for innovation through our unique inspirations approach - and that’s what makes the experience different.

Why not see for yourself?'

                                 Carl Miller

​Carl Miller had a gold-medal winning basketball career including 17 England caps, 27 Great Britain caps, League, Championship, Cup and Trophy awards. In 2009, Carl developed 'Look Up To Yourself' to deliver training and self-esteem programmes for young people and staff in schools, Foyers and local community settings, using basketball as a context for coaching and personal development.  Carl has now turned his hand to collaborate with InspireChilli on the development of new training products to engage young people and staff in building their Inspiration Capital.  An incredible speaker and coach, Carl has a natural ability to motivate others and be the catalyst to kick start people's dreams. Carl currently directs S.M.I.L.E.