Explore insights into 'Inspirational Design Principles'

for Foyer and other youth services, with expert materials from Baumgart Clark Architects.

2018 Conference Presentation in Perth

A speech 'down under' as a guest of BSL and the Foyer Foundation, talking about joint work on a new Fidelity Framework for Advantaged Thinking in Australia, and the next cohort of Foyer Accreditation. Press play to listen.

Assess the importance of 'Inspiration Capital' 

and where to grow it in your organisation by watching my speech and using the introductory diagnostic.

A new 19 page report produced by InspireChilli & States of Mind exploring learning insights from the Connecting Minds programme - including an invitation to adopt 'Selfology' as a game-changing approach to support young people's mental wellbeing. Download the PDF below to read further...


'Inspiratious Minds' - Find out your inspiration type and check what others look like in the 'beyond profit' sector.

 'Feb 2016 Conference sessions for Foyer Foundation Australia'Including an online diagnostic for Advantaged Thinking


A 14 minute overview of approaches and introduction to the 'Assetposts', bespoked to the context of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation's 'Youth Fund'


My TEDx performance in 2011 exploring talent-based approaches, which first introduced the concept of 'advantaged and disadvantaged thinking' during my time at charity Foyer Federation.

Adventures in Advantaged Thinking 

A detailed guide based on 10 years of Advantaged Thinking with practical insights and voices from professionals and young people involved in the journey, both from the UK and overseas. Entirely free to download from the above link. Written by Colin Falconer for and with Foyer Federation and Your Housing group.

Free 'REFLECTING ON ASSET-BASED APPROACHES' assessment tool for services to reflect on areas where asset-based work is most likely to thrive.  This can be used as part of a personalised support session with InspireChilli should you wish to pay to receive expert advice and guidance to progress practice and influence.


An hour long performance of asset-based insights through history from one of my Australian visits for the Brotherhood of St Laurence and Colony47 in Hobart.

An introductory quiz designed to reflect on seven key areas or 'Tests' that Advantaged Thinking shines a light on to help grow an asset-based approach. Use this Advantaged Thinking quiz to begin to reflect on key insights.

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Free 'REFELECTING ON STRENGTHS' assessment tool for leaders to reflect on asset-based practice - with an option to purchase a 1-1 support session and personalised report in response for those who want to reflect at a deeper level and benefit from InspireChilli's expert insights.


The source for asset-based innovation.