Sarah Boateng, of IGEA Enterprise

Winner of the Bootstrap Enterprise Programme,

Summer 2019, and founder of Invest in Girls Education Africa - a not for profit organisation with a mission to support quality education for girls in rural parts of Africa. Starting operations in Ghana, Sarah's home country, IGEA aim to collaborate with likeminded people and groups in order to work all over the continent.


Arianna Roberts (freelancer)

Member of the Bootstrap Enterprise Programme,

Spring 2018

Arianna is a young filmmaker aiming to use media as an engaging way of creating content on contemporary social and cultural phenomena to challenge and at times invert people’s perceptions on the world.


​Investing in individual young activists and entrepreneurs.

Team Young People are supporting InspireChilli to provide expert guidance as part of an exciting pilot funded through Blagrave Trust and Paul Hamlyn Foundation to test a new approach that invests in transition time for individual young activists and entrepreneurs to progress their potential to achieve personal and social impact..

Introducing TYP's first members and projects:

Bethan Burnside, of Hustle

Member of the Bootstrap Enterprise Programme, Spring 2019. A Psychology graduate, researcher, and aspiring neuroscientist, this 23-year-old entrepreneur draws on her volunteer, teaching, and educational curriculum design to develop a holistic employability skills toolbox for young people. 


  • Believe in young people and the power of collaboration
  • Have experience of ‘standing up to disadvantage’ through life and work
  • Are serious about harnessing talents to help others
  • Offer an area of expertise to promote and grow impact
  • Connect through ‘The Enterprising Assets Method’ that underpins TYP's ethos
  • Are given space and time through TYP to 'be their potential'

TYP will showcase the work of members alongside opportunities for collaboration with potential partners. It will serve to signpost people’s individual business ventures as well as the Collective’s overall identity as an asset-based resource offering multiple skill areas from the creative arts, design and media, to youth engagement approaches, inspirational training and coaching, programme design and development.  If you want to involve young people, why not work with them? If you want to empower young people, why not employ them? TYP offers an example of how people can collaborate with and listen to each other in new ways. 

Some members of TYP will be financially supported over a period of 3-6 months to help establish their individual enterprise status.  This support takes the form of a tailored consultancy contract for work that is focused on an individual’s personal development alongside a current Team project.  

TYP has been developed by Colin Falconer and Carl Miller.  It is currently financed through the work of InspireChilli, with the aim of offering members paid opportunities to participate in relevant work contracts with InspireChilli as part of TYP's collaborative ethos. It will seek external funding and sponsorship to increase capacity to reach more young people, offering its approach and brand for others to adopt. Current supporters include Bootstrap Charity.

If you want a Team Young People, or be part of the founding Team, please get in touch by emailing

What could you do with a brilliant team of talents?

Ranae Kaira, of 'RKART'.

Winner of the Bootstrap Enterprise Programme,

Summer 2018

A Graphic Designer with a passion for engaging young people's talents through art. Watch this space for RKART's future 'FRESH DREAMS' t-shirt design concept, offering inspirational workshops for young people.

Karima Mbarak, of Keep Tlking

Runner up of the Bootstrap Enterprise Programme,

Summer 2018, and winner of the 2018 Room for Young People Breakthrough Award.

KeepTlking is a BAME mental health research organisation challenging misconceptions and public policy through articles, workshops and events, with a focus on young black men under 30. Karima has a passion for writing.

The source for asset-based innovation.   


Bea Herbert, of 'States of Mind'.

Winner of the Bootstrap Enterprise Programme,

Summer 2017

Bea Herbert draws on her experience of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Addiction Recovery Work and Psychological Research to create psychosocial approaches that help manage and prevent mental heath concerns in young people.


Room For Young People Inspiration Awards

Team Young People judged the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Room for Young People awards which acknowledge inspiring young people, practitioners, projects and partners from youth housing services across the UK.  

Rowan Kassab, of TETA

Member of the Bootstrap Enterprise Programme,

Summer 2018.

TETA (‘Grandmother' in Arabic) supports people’s welfare, integration and well-being through social sewing workshops.  Starting with a cushion, a line of products will be made. Then, using TETA as a platform, they will be sold for profit to support beneficiaries and future workshops. Rowan is a practicing artist. She named TETA after her own grandmother.