With thanks to Ranae Kaira and Rowan Wendes for artwork

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Performance art that is part theatre, part reading, part music listening, and part lecture, this unique show brings to life a celebration of Lou Reed’s work as the context to explore youth identity, the role of charity, and cultural authenticity in modern society.  Extracts from Reed’s Street Hassle album will be interwoven with the voice of young people today and insights to challenge and entertain from Colin Falconer's experiences with InspireChilli and the Foyer Federation.  Adult themes and strong language means that the show is age restricted to 16+ only.  All ticket sales will be donated to charities Sounddelivery Media and We Belong. The performance is an InspireChilli production, presented for one night only with approval from Sony Records and the Lou Reed estate.  

Contact streethassle@inspirechilli.com for further details or any media inquiries.

"You know, some people got no choice
And they can never find a voice
To talk with that they can even call their own
So the first thing that they see
That allows them the right to be
Why they follow it..."
(Lou Reed, Street Hassle, 1978)

'It's time to concentrate on the action of our verbs, not just our use of pronouns'

(Colin Falconer, 'Searching for Authenticity' 2022)


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